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    1. Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Scariest Movies Streaming Now | Collider

      • We've scared up the Best Horror Movies on Netflix from 'Hellraiser' to 'Apostle' playing this November for your screaming and streaming pleasure.
      • Any time is the right time to watch a horror movie. Waiting for October to indulge in frightening films is the old way to get your tricks and treats, like...


    2. Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix - YouTube | Опубликовано: 25 июн. 2013 г.

      • Не сейчас. Месяц бесплатно. Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix.
      • Опубликовано: 25 июн. 2013 г. Don't forget to watch in HD. 1. The Caller 2. The Awakening 3. John Dies at the End 4. The Moth Diaries 5. The Hole (2001) 6. Grave Encounters 7. The Bleeding House 8. White 9. Pontypool 10.


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      • These are the 10 best horror movies on Netflix.
      • Some of these are considered to be the scariest movies on Netflix.


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      Here is Netflixable's Top 10 Horror Picks as of October 2015. We've reviewed Netflix's releases worldwide to bring you the best Horror Genre movies...


    5. Top 10 Best Horror Movies On Netflix Streaming (Instant) | Movie Moron

      • Gory horror-comedy based on the work of H. P. Lovecraft about a dedicated med-school student who becomes involved in bizarre experiments to re-animate dead
      • Horror is my favorite genre, whenever a new one comes out I go to the cinema to see it. Although the old horror movies on Netflix are much...


    6. Best horror movies on Netflix - CNET | Oculus (2013)

      • TV and Movies. Best horror movies on Netflix. Green Room, The Shining and all the scariest films to stream!
      • Green Room is a great horror film about a punk band that's attacked by neo-Nazis after playing a gig. Patrick Stewart's performance really makes the film, and quite frankly, he should play...


    7. The Best Horror Movies On Netflix | Complex

      • The “Horror” section of Netflix’s instant streaming library, though, is surprisingly top-notch. Frankly, trimming the numerous sub-categories down to the following list of The 25 Best Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now was quite the arduous mission, one that left several worthwhile films...


    8. Top 10 Best Horror Movies On Netflix Streaming (Instant) | Movie Moron - Part 3

      • 31.10.13 # Horror Movies # 10 Comments. 7. Tremors (1990). Locals in a small isolated town defend themselves against strange underground creatures known as ‘graboids’, which act like giant carnivorous worms. This is an immensely charismatic movie, and it’s unique premise makes for many original...


    9. 10 New Netflix Horror Movie Suggestions - Jan 2013 - HorrorMovies.ca

      • This film has made a few of our top lists including an earlier Best Horror Movies on Netflix. It is the story of a con artist who actually can see ghosts but
      • dillon May 10, 2013 at 2:12 am. hell is one of the worst movies i ever seen kept waiting 4 it 2 get better but no such luck shitty acting n just plain boring...


    10. Top 25 Horror Movies on Netflix: Halloween 2016 - What's on Netflix

      • Well wait no longer as we’ve got the definitive top 25 horror movies that are currently streaming on Netflix US. The actual library of horror movies
      • We’ve picked out some of the newer movies and classics on Netflix where they exist. Frankly, Netflix is sorely lacking in horror movie department...