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  1. Steam Sale Countdown | When is the next Steam Sale

    • Valve never announces Steam sale dates up front, but Steam sales return every year in a relatively stable frequency. Based on data from the last few years, the upcoming sale dates are predicted. These predictions are a combination of the following factors: Dates and months in which a sales started.


  2. Steam Winter Sale: December 21

    • Your guide to the next Steam Sale, including all the latest news regarding the Steam Black Friday Sale 2018, plus what to expect from the upcoming Steam Winter
    • The exact dates haven’t been revealed, but a Steam Black Friday Sale start date of Thursday November 22 seems likely. In terms of times...


  3. Steam Winter Sale

    • Counting time since 22 Dec 2015 18:00. Showing days, hours, minutes and seconds counting up.


  4. The Steam winter sale 2018 dates: when does it begin? | PC Gamer

    • Steam Winter sale 2018 dates leaked earlier this year.
    • Kotaku reported that a developer source had shared the dates for both the Steam Winter and Autumn sales, and the Autumn sale date was correct—even if the exact time was slightly off.


  5. Steam Winter Sale start date confirmed - MWEB Gamezone | Ready those wallets, GabeN Claus is coming to town...,

    • PayPal announcing Steam sales have become somewhat of a tradition, so there is no reason to doubt the start date. No specific time has been announced.
    • If you want to get the most out of the Steam Winter Sale, follow these three tips below. FYI, It has to be three tips as rumour has it, GabeN Claus...


  6. Steam Winter Sale 2018: When is the next Steam Sale? Start dates and release times | Daily Star

    • What time is the Steam Winter Sale 2018? According to the same developer leak, the two week sale will start at 9.55am on December 20, and end at 10.05am on January 3. This is Eastern Standard Time, which would be 2.55pm GMT, and 3.05pm GMT. These dates and times line up nicely with...


  7. Steam Winter Sale 2015 start time: Deals begin today

    • One of Steam's online payment partners has inadvertently revealed when the Steam Winter Sale will be starting. According to a report in Polygon
    • Steam's Winter Sale is one of the most anticipated sale events by gamers, according to another report in Tech Times. In the promotional image, PayPal...


  8. Steam Autumn and Winter Sales 2018: here's when they start | TechRadar

    Every year Steam holds several big sales which see the prices of hundreds of games hugely discounted for a limited period of time - and now we know when the next two will be. According to Kotaku , the Steam Autumn Sale will run for on week from November 21 to November 27.


  9. Whens the steam winter sale? :: Steam Discussions

    • For 1 time siden. Whens the steam winter sale? Im ready to give my wallet up to Lord Gaben. (seriously when does the sale start?)
    • Leaked months ago... Winter sale is Dec 20 @09:55AM Pacific Time until Jan 3 @10:05AM Pacific Time.


  10. Whens the steam winter sale? :: Steam Discussions

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    • Im ready to give my wallet up to Lord Gaben. (seriously when does the sale start?) Авторът на тази тема е маркирал дадена публикация като...