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    1. When is the next Steam Sale? Steam Summer Sale ends, roll on Halloween! | Trusted Reviews

      • Now that the sale has come to an end, it’s time to countdown to the next wave of huge discounts.
      • The Steam Halloween Sale will be your next chance to grab bargains you might have missed in the Summer Sale, which will take place (unsurprisingly) in October.


    2. The Steam Christmas sales are live | PCGamesN | Update December 19, 2016: PayPal confirm a NeoGAF leak from earlier this month that the Steam winter sale will start in three days' time.

      • Update December 22, 2016: The Steam winter sale is due to start later today.
      • It’s not exactly a massive gap between the Black Friday sale and Christmas, but the month wait usually means a couple of more recent titles go on sale the second time that weren’t the first.


    3. [RUMOR] Steam Christmas Sales Slated to Start on December 18th

      • As first reported by the Steam subreddit, the Christmas Steam Sales seem to have a starting date of December 18th at 1 pm EST this year, based on
      • Thanks to someone who was able to translate here at TechRaptor, the image also indicates that over 3500 games will be on sale during the time of the...


    4. Steam Christmas Sales starting soon - Random - Team Avolition

      • Apparently word on the street is that steam summer sales are starting soon perhaps tomorrow.
      • Didn't notice till you pointed it out lol. I'm ready for the sales. This time around, I actually have a
      • Anyway, all jokes aside, I've managed to round up little money today for the steam Christmas sales...


    5. steam christmas sale/Evindex Pesquisar

      • The Steam Holiday Sale starts now and the deep discounts last until Saturday, January 5th, 2013.
      • Steam winter sale begins December 22. ... allowing us to cut it very fine with our Christmas shopping indeed. ...


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    7. Steam Sale Countdown | When is the next Steam Sale

      • A beautiful countdown timer which shows the remaining estimated time until the next big Steam Sale. whenisthenextsteamsale.com tracks Holiday Sale, Summer Sale, Halloween Sale and the Autumn Sale.


    8. Steam's Christmas sale rumoured to start December 18th - PC - News - HEXUS.net

      • In a promotional email sent by PayPal Japan to its subscribers the start date of the Steam 2014 Christmas sale is stated as December 18th, which is one day earlier than last year’s December 19th start. Other reports have clarified the exact start time and end date of the sale...


    9. Steam holiday sale date | Rock, Paper, Shotgun | Steam’s Winter Sale Will Start Next Week

      • 17/12/2015 at 15:03 karthink says: Not for me! Steam started selling in my local currency this year, and the prices are bonkers during sales.
      • It was apparently already said some time ago that this Christmas sale would use the same discounts as the Thanksgiving sale.


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