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    1. When is the next Steam Sale? Steam Summer Sale ends, roll on Halloween! | Trusted Reviews

      • Now that the sale has come to an end, it’s time to countdown to the next wave of huge discounts.
      • The Steam Halloween Sale will be your next chance to grab bargains you might have missed in the Summer Sale, which will take place (unsurprisingly) in October.


    2. steam christmas sale! — Beamdog Forums

      • steam christmas sale! ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,777. December 2014 in Off-Topic. that time of the year is here. it is time for us to run our wallets dry on thousands of cheap games that we will likely never actually play! i believe we've had this thread before, but it deserves a new one for this...


    3. Steam Christmas Sales starting soon - Random - Team Avolition

      • Posted December 18, 2014 Report post. Didn't notice till you pointed it out lol. I'm ready for the sales. This time around, I actually have a shitton on my wishlist to
      • Anyway, all jokes aside, I've managed to round up little money today for the steam Christmas sales so if there's anything I want I should be ok.


    4. Steam Christmas Sale 2014 - Computer Gaming - Neowin | Forum

      • Steam Christmas Sale 2014. Started by Cnónna, December 18, 2014.
      • Generally the best time to buy games from a Steam Sale is when they are one of the daily specials, either one of the featured deals, 12 hour deals, or community choice deals.


    5. STEAM CHRISTMAS SALE 2014 - YouTube

      Well, it's certainly not flawless, but I suppose it's good enough. I spent a lot of time filming and editing this video. Watch in 1080p 60 fps! Saddex on...


    6. Ravaged is on Steam Christmas Sale - Christmas- Nerd AgeNerd Age

      • One is about the fact that Ravaged goes on sale today and part two is about the fact that the Steam Holiday Sale comes out today.
      • The Scheduled Sale will be on shortly. At the time of this writing I am still getting the old Steam pop-up.


    7. 2014 Steam Holiday Sale Begins – Christmas Is Ruined

      • Dark Souls 2 is on sale. Yes, Valve kicked off its 2014 Steam Holiday Sale a few hours ago, just in time to destroy everyone’s holiday budget planning.
      • If past sales are any indication, you can most likely expect some better deals in the second week of the sale after Christmas, once everyone’s...


    8. Welcome to Steam

      • Play for free until Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. -60%.
      • Discover new games through Steam Curators. Follow curators and see the games they recommend. There are not yet enough Steam Curators to show in this space.


    9. The Steam Christmas sales are live | PCGamesN | Update December 19, 2016: PayPal confirm a NeoGAF leak from earlier this month that the Steam winter sale will start in three days' time.

      • It's not abnormal for Steam to strain under the weight of sales traffic, but this time it's been.
      • It’s not exactly a massive gap between the Black Friday sale and Christmas, but the month wait usually means a couple of more recent titles go on sale the second time that weren’t the first.


    10. STEAM CHRISTMAS SALE 2015 - YouTube

      • Steam Sale - The Winter Sale Soldier - Duration: 1:58. UltraDangerLord 103,139 views.
      • STEAM CHRISTMAS SALE 2014 - Duration: 1:40. Saddex 14,552 views.