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    1. Spiced Rum Milk Punch Cocktail Recipe | What do you like to drink?

      • 1 1⁄2 oz old new orleans cajun spice rum, 3⁄4 oz simple syrup, 1 dash pure vanilla extract, 3 oz milk, grated nutmeg, grated cinnamon. Add all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled Old Fashioned glass.


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    3. Rum Drinks

      • Rum drinks highlight the universal versatility of the beloved spirit. Whether light, golden, dark or spiced rum or rhum agricole, it's not just for pirates and sailors
      • The Piña Colada is a classic tropical cocktail with rum, pineapple and coconut milk. This classic recipe will transport you to paradise.


    4. 10 Best Simple Spiced Rum Drinks Recipes

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      • simple syrup, milk, pure vanilla extract, spiced rum.


    5. Drinks & cocktails with Spiced Rum | Absolut Drinks

      • As the name reveals, spiced rum gets its flavor from spices – often in secret constitutions.
      • Spiced Rum Punch. Пряный ром, Грушевое пюре, Ликер голубики, Шампанское, Груша.


    6. 10 Best Spiced Rum and Milk Recipes

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    7. The Best New Spiced Rums | What do you like to drink?

      • Looking for a great new spiced rum? We’ve rounded up our favorite bottles to make your decision easier. Explore today at Liquor.com.
      • Meanwhile Malibu, best known for its coconut flavored party rum, dipped its toes in the competition’s water with Malibu Island Spiced beginning in 2013.


    8. The 5 Best Spiced Rum Drinks and Cocktails You Can Make - Supercall

      • Spiced rum adds pizzazz and a boozy punch to any tiki cocktail, and it’s just the thing for improving limp, boring cocktails.
      • In darker times, you knew exactly what to expect from a spiced rum cocktail: intensely sweet fruit or coconut flavors, a Hurricane glass thick with blended booze, and the...


    9. Adult Chocolate Milk With Spiced Rum Recipe - Genius Kitchen

      • 2 ounces spiced rum. 1 cup skim milk. 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup. 1⁄2 teaspoon vanilla.
      • Directions. Add all ingredients except cola to a water bottle, drink mixer, or some other container with a lid. Shake the hell out of it. Pour into a glass and top off with cola.


    10. 10 Best Drinks with Spiced Rum and Coconut Rum Recipes

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