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    1. Spice Drug Uk.Spice Synthetic Drug That Turns Users Into 'living Dead . Shocking Images Show Impact Of People Taking Drug Spice . Family Call For Better Laws On Drug 'Spice' As Teen Is - Best Cars Tips & Review Cars

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    2. Spice synthetic drug that turns users into 'living dead' | Daily Mail Online

      • These were chemical compounds sold in attractive packaging and made in industrial quantities in China and India to beat UK drugs laws. They were not covered by legislation because the key chemicals they contained were unknown. Under names such as Black Mamba, K2 and Spice...


    3. Synthetic cannabinoids - Wikipedia

      • Spice is legal in Slovakia. The National Anti-Drug Unit is considering adding it to the list of controlled substances.[91] The latest anti-drug law
      • Many cannabinoids were legal in the United Kingdom until December 2009, when they were classified as a Class B drugs.[98] The UK continued to ban new...


    4. What does spice do to you? What are the effects of the drug? | Health | Life & Style | Express.co.uk

      • THE illegal drug spice has caused a “zombie plague” of addicts blighting cities across Britain, but what is spice and what does it do to you?
      • From tonnes of cocaine seized in the Caribbean ocean to a huge cannabis farm in the UK, take a look through the world's biggest ever drug hauls.


    5. What Is Spice Drug? | LegalMatch Law Library

      • Are There Any Criminal Laws Involving Spice Drug? Due to its low medical use and high danger for abuse and injury, Spice drugs and other synthetic drugs have been classified as controlled substances under federal laws.


    6. SPICE DRUG : definition of SPICE DRUG and synonyms of SPICE DRUG (English)

      • Spice is still legal in Slovak Republic. National Anti-Drug Unit is considering adding it to the list of controlled substances[27]. The latest anti-drug law version (468/2009) valid since January 2010 still does not mention active compounds of Spice[28].


    7. A Guide to Spice: The Drug That's Putting British Students in the Hospital - VICE | Everything you need to know about "robot weed," the UK's new nightmare drug.

      • As with mephedrone, Spice was not advertised as a psychoactive drug (it was marketed
      • JWH-018 was banned in the UK in 2010 and in many US states in 2011. But then the chemists started making
      • The laws banning cannabis have resulted in the creation of a more dangerous alternative, as they...


    8. The Story of Spice, the Street Drug That's Not Going Away - VICE

      • A game of cat and mouse ensued, with manufacturers responding to each successive ban by launching new drugs that remained within the law.
      • Just over ten years since it first emerged, Spice is seen as one of the greatest drugs threats facing the UK.


    9. A number of psychoactive drugs are getting banned in the UK – including the deadly legal high Spice. | Metro News

      • Following new drug laws though, it’s now been banned.
      • This results in a bright yellow colour that smells like burnt plastic when you smoke it. Spice comes in the form of dried plant leaves (Picture: Getty).


    10. New strains of Spice turning UK's homeless into the 'walking dead' | Making the synthetic drug illegal has only pushed it underground.

      Making the synthetic drug illegal has only pushed it underground.