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    1. What does spice do to you? What are the effects of the drug? | Health | Life & Style | Express.co.uk

      • THE illegal drug spice has caused a “zombie plague” of addicts blighting cities across Britain, but
      • From tonnes of cocaine seized in the Caribbean ocean to a huge cannabis farm in the UK, take a look...


    2. Prisoner collapses after smoking Spice drug in UK jail | Daily Mail Online

      This is the shocking moment a prisoner collapses from the effects of the so-called ‘zombie’ drug Spice while fellow inmates laugh hysterically and film him convulsing for entertainment.


    3. Two students remain in hospital after using Spice drug | UK news | The Guardian

      Two of five Lancaster University undergraduates admitted to hospital after taking synthetic cannabis substitute remain in conscious and stable condition.


    4. What are Black Mamba and Spice, and are the terrifying ‘zombie drugs’ illegal?

      • The Sun, A News UK Company.
      • Chilling video of people on drug 'Spice' turned into 'The Walking Dead' style zombies.


    5. Shocking images show people turning into ‘zombies’ after taking drug Spice | Metro News

      • Packet of the drug Spice. Spice is a synthetic drug that could be legally bought in shops or online until May last year.
      • Metro.co.uk approached Wrexham Council for comment.


    6. Horrifying footage of 'Spice' drug turning homeless people in UK city into 'the walking dead' - Mirror Online | The drug is dubbed 'fake weed' and has been leaving users in Manchester standing like statues

      • The video, shot in Manchester, shows the drug 'Spice' - a synthetic form of marijuana - is leaving users 'frozen'.
      • Find out where and how to buy tickets for their 2018 UK live shows.


    7. Spice drug uk: Zombie legal high death toll trebles to 27 in two years | Daily Star

      The drug, which was outlawed last year, claimed eight victims in 2015. But this figure has risen to 27 so far this year. ALAMY / BPM MEDIA.


    8. Couple filmed in zombie-like state after taking Spice drug | Metro News

      • Spice, which is a synthetic marijuana, has also raised concerns in the UK after several people were pictured in the streets after allegedly taking the drug.


    9. Spice drug addict, 13, smokes every day until he passes out | Metro News

      Spice addict, 13, smokes every day until he passes out. Toby Meyjes for Metro.co.ukWednesday 7 Dec 2016 12:34 pm. Jamie Poulton is only 13 but is addicted to Spice (Picture: SWNS).


    10. Spice synthetic drug that turns users into 'living dead' | Daily Mail Online

      • It has led to calls for Spice to be made a Class A drug.
      • These were chemical compounds sold in attractive packaging and made in industrial quantities in China and India to beat UK drugs laws.