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    1. Shocking video of men who turned into zombies by Spice drug - YouTube

      These shocking scenes show "zombies" on Spice slumped around a daytime city centre. Dad-of-four Ray McKenzie, 49, found one 'possessed 'man hunched over and...


    2. Two students remain in hospital after using Spice drug | UK news | The Guardian

      Two of five Lancaster University undergraduates admitted to hospital after taking synthetic cannabis substitute remain in conscious and stable condition.


    3. Spice: What is the drug, is it illegal and how does it affect people? | The Independent

      • Five Lancaster University students have been hospitalised after they ingested an illegal cannabis substitute known as ‘spice’.


    4. Spice – DrugWise

      • Highways and Buyways: a snapshot of UK drug scenes 2016. NPS Come of Age: A UK overview.
      • Spice. Please see the page on Synthetic Cannabinoids.


    5. ‘Soaked in Spice’: UK inmates smoking ‘solicitor letters’ dipped in mind-altering drugs — RT UK News

      • Violence in UK jails is being fueled by smuggled psychoactive drugs like Spice, according to Justice Secretary David Gauke, who said inmates are smoking letters dipped in mind-altering chemicals.


    6. What are Black Mamba and Spice, is synthetic cannabis illegal in the UK and why are 'zombie drugs' so dangerous?

      • The drugs dubbed 'fake weed' have seen a raft of people suffering severe psychotic episodes, terrifying hallucinations, vomiting and even seizures.
      • Timeline - how Spice became an epidemic in the UK.


    7. The spice epidemic in UK prisons is putting nurses at risk | Brian Morton | Opinion | The Guardian

      Nurses and healthcare workers are reporting health problems from exposure to the psychoactive drugs so common in UK prisons, says Brian Morton, national officer at the Royal College of Nursing.


    8. Synthetic Spice: the science behind the drug - University of Birmingham

      • Dr Simon Cotton gives insight into the chemistry and history of the synthetic drug Spice.


    9. 'Spice drug paralysing prison system' - BBC News

      • The BBC meets two former prisoners, now in drug rehab, who say they were able to take legal highs in jail.


    10. A Guide to Spice: The Drug That's Putting British Students in Hospital - VICE | Everything you need to know about "robot weed", the UK's new nightmare drug.

      • As with mephedrone, Spice was not advertised as a psychoactive drug (it was marketed
      • JWH-018 was banned in the UK in 2010 and in many US states in 2011. But then the chemists started making...