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  1. List of knots - Wikipedia

    This list of knots includes many alternate names for common knots and lashings. Knot names have evolved over time and there are many conflicting or confusing naming issues. The overhand knot, for example, is also known as the thumb knot.


  2. Grog's Boating Knots | How to Tie | Step by Step Animations

    • This page provides an Index of Animated Boating Knots. Above, the photo of each knot is a link to its Interactive Step by Step Animation. The picture on the right shows all of these knots for a quick...


  3. Sailor Craft Knots

    • Hand crafted knot from the old days.Monkeys fist, Turks heads and round covering knots.
    • The Ancient Art of Knot Tying Rewound for Everyday Uses.


  4. Sailor - Names and nicknames for Sailor

    • Nicknames, cool fonts, letters, symbols and tags related to Sailor – Murray, Marius. Fancy names with the copy-paste function, reputation and popularity. Create unique names for games, profiles...


  5. Seven Essential Knots for Sailors - Sail Magazine

    • Types of knots fall into three general categories. The first are those tied on the end of a line and are
    • They may have “bend” in their name, as in a sheet bend, because to bend, in sailor talk, means to join.


  6. Shop Sailor Knot Bracelets and more. | Sailor Bracelet

    • Three different designs including the classic sailor knot, nautical sailor weave anchors, and vintage fish hook turks knot bracelets. Want to learn more? Watch the video of the story behind...


  7. sailor's knot - это... Что такое sailor's knot? | Словари и энциклопедии на Академике

    • sailor's knot — type of knot commonly used in boating … English contemporary dictionary.
    • Useful english dictionary. Sailor's gripping hitch — Knot details name=Sailor s gripping hitch names...


  8. sailor's knot - это... Что такое sailor's knot? | Словари и энциклопедии на Академике

    • sailor's knot. сущ. рифовый узел. English-Russian sailing ships dictionary.
    • Смотреть что такое "sailor's knot" в других словарях


  9. Sailor Knots - Bing images

    • Nautical Knots Sailor Knots Guide Square Knot Sailor Knot Clip Art Decorative Knots Celtic Sailor's Knot Sailor Knot Tattoo Sheepshank Knot Sailor Knot Tutorial Sailors Knots with Names Sailor...


  10. Sailor's knot Wikipedia | Names

    • Names. Carrick bend, Double carrick bend, Double coin knot, Ten accord knot, Bosun's knot, Basketweave knot, Chinese knot, Josephine knot, Whistle lanyard, Sailor's breastplate knot...