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    1. Order Radon Test Kit - Lab fees Included! | RadonKit.ca

      • Celebrate Radon Action Month with a 10% Discount on a Radon Test Kit November is Radon Action Month in Canada! And we want to celebrate with you by making it that much easier to test your home.


    2. Order Canada's No.1 Radon Test Kit | Radon Control

      • You can use our radon test kit or hire a radon certified professional in your area. Test duration of at least 3 months is recommended by Health Canada. Please ensure that your family lives in a healthy home and order a radon test kit.


    3. Radon Test Kit – Canada | Stampede Radon | Calgary, AB

      • Radon Test Kit – Canada. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings.
      • Includes lab testing and reporting. Complies with Health Canada and C-NRPP recommendations. Canadian version reports results in Bq/m3.


    4. Radon test kit approved for Canada - Lab Fees Included! | RadonKit.ca

      • This kit is suitable for radon gas testing at your home, school or business. The alpha-track radon gas detector that comes with the kit is designed for a long term radon test (91 days to 1 year) as recommended by Health Canada.


    5. Radon test options in Canada | RadonTestCanada.caRadon Test Information for Canadians

      • However, Canadian guidelines defines any test lasting from 2-90 days as a short-term test. Used in certain situations e.g. real estate transactions, diagnostic
      • How to Test for Radon Gas. In Canada, you have two options for testing your home for radon: Option 1: Buy a Do-It-Yourself Radon Test Kit.


    6. PRO-LAB PRO LAB Radon Gas Test Kits RA100 | The Home Depot Canada

      • Check Store Inventory. PRO LAB Radon Gas Test Kits RA100.
      • The following Associations recommend your test your Home for Radon Gas: Canadian Lung Association, Canadian Cancer Society and Health Canada.


    7. All you need know about Radon Gas and Radon Testing in Canada

      • A recent Health Canada study estimates that about 7% of Canadian homes (~600,000) have high radon levels, above the recommended guideline.
      • You can either purchase a DIY radon test kit to conduct a test at your home or hire a certified radon measurement professional to do it for you.


    8. Radon Gas Home Test Kit – NORM Canada

      • **Important Note** Radon kits in box stores are short term tests, which can be unreliable. Health Canada recommends our Radon Gas Test Kits because they are LONG TERM tests that are analyzed by C-NRPP labs.


    9. Radiation Safety Institute of Canada » Order a Home Radon Test Kit

      • Dear Clients, Thank you for trusting the Institute with your radon testing project.
      • “Please note that The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada and Health Canada recommend using long-term tests (at least 90 days).


    10. Radon test kits and mitigation products

      • Welcome to Radon Detect Inc. Canada's On-line Radon Store.
      • See details. AccuStar AT-100 Alpha Track long term test kit.