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    1. How to Make Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes for Two - Baking Mischief

      • And this is a buttermilk pancake recipe, so you know the pancakes are going to be fabulous and a little tangy, but if you don’t have buttermilk, no worries.
      • We have delicious sweet and savory recipes, mostly scaled for one or two, and we love our pop culture around here, so keep an eye out for film...


    2. Pancakes for Two Recipe | Taste of Home

      • These light and fluffy pancakes are perfectly portioned for two, so there's no need to worry about what to do with leftover batter.
      • Combine the egg, buttermilk and oil; stir into dry ingredients just until blended. Fold in blueberries if desired. Pour batter by 1/4 cupfuls onto a lightly greased hot griddle...


    3. Pancakes for Two (small batch of pancakes) - Dessert for Two

      • Perfect, buttermilk pancakes recipe that makes just 6 pancakes.
      • Dessert for Two is more about getting a sweet thing on your plate quickly without using many ingredients. And when you want pancakes, you probably don’t want 16 of them.


    4. Easy Banana Pancakes for Two - Baking Mischief

      • Like my Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes for Two, this banana pancake recipe will make exactly four good-sized pancakes, so you can enjoy them with someone else or make them solo and freeze the extra two for next weekend (always an excellent option).


    5. Buttermilk Pancakes | Mixes | Krusteaz

      • Make light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes with our easy mix. Light and tasty and made with sweet cream buttermilk.
      • No wonder our buttermilk pancakes are so popular. With a blend of soft wheat flours, they come out light and fluffy every time — plus a touch of creamy buttermilk adds delicious...


    6. Fluffy, Fluffy Pancakes - Chocolates & Chai | Other No-Buttermilk Pancake Recipes You Need to Check Out

      • Can you make Fluffy Pancakes without Buttermilk? In short, yes. This pancake recipe uses no buttermilk at all (it does require regular milk
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    7. Buttermilk Pancakes (Perfected Recipe!) - Cooking Classy

      • The BEST Buttermilk Pancake recipe! They’re perfectly soft and fluffy and I’m yet to meet someone
      • I’ve been making buttermilk pancakes from scratch for about 15 years (several times each month)
      • Plan on two per person because they are 100% irresistible! If using butter, melt it immediately before...


    8. Single Serving Buttermilk Pancakes - Will Cook For Smiles

      • Soft and fluffy buttermilk pancakes made just for you and you alone! Perfect quick and comforting breakfast for yourself or the kids.
      • Two, I’ve tried refrigerating the batter in the past and the pancakes never come out as soft and fluffy as they do with freshly made batter.


    9. Buttermilk Pancakes, for Two

      • Buttermilk Pancakes, for Two. July 4, 2015 by Debby | 3 Comments.
      • I’ve posted many recipes for pancakes, but I’m always game to try new ones. I especially like recipes that have been adjusted for just the two of us.


    10. Perfect Pancake Recipe – When You Don’t Have Buttermilk – San Francisco Food

      • 2 c all-purpose flour (we use king arthur 's flour), 4 t butter (salted, or increase salt by 1 tsp if you 're using unsalted), 4 t sugar, 2 t baking powder, 1.25 t baking soda, 1 tsp salt, 2 eggs, 1 c (8-ounces) evaporated milk (carnation), up to 1 c of bottled water / drinking water...