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      • Re: Omega Basel 2017. Personally, I'm waiting for the new, "Grey Side of the Silver Snoopy Master Chronometer". Regards, Alysandir.


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      • I think the RM looks fantastic, Omega is on track to be the talk of the town at Basel (esp. after seeing what Tudor is up to). Good stuff Omega.


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      • I never owned an Omega before so I am hoping Basel 2017 changes this. Something like a 12mm Omega AT might do the trick.


    5. Omega Basel 2017 | Forum

      • Wow... Omega really went all out. Check out the reproduction on the box that they're shipped in! Comes with 6 OEM straps too.


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      • So is this official? Omega is re-introducing a Railmaster line, separate from the ATs? Originally Posted by bay.


    7. Omega Basel 2017 | Forum

      • Omega has these posted on their website.


    8. Omega Basel 2017 | Forum

      • IMO though Omega has some great pieces and you just have to buy right and curb your expectations. Just IMO of course, I get your love for Rolex also since I like both brands equally with different expectations.


    9. Omega Basel 2017 | Forum

      • After anticipating and reading, my thought on all Omega releases are " that's all there is" i don't think I will have any interest in any of them.


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      • ...Please don't mess this one up Omega. Like the 300 below please Thin liquidmetal bezel, no thicker than 14mm, lollipop hand would be amazing and with the 3,6,9 & 12 numerals on the dial.