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    1. New Jersey Income Tax Calculator | SmartAsset.com

      • New Jersey’s sales tax rate is close to the national average and its gas tax is among the lowest in the country.
      • New Jersey’s income tax is structured similarly to the federal income tax . Rates are based on income tax brackets, with income within each bracket being taxed at the corresponding rate.


    2. Fuel taxes in the United States - Wikipedia

      • New Jersey.
      • Critics of gas tax increases argue that much of the gas tax revenue is diverted to other government programs and debt servicing unrelated to transportation infrastructure.[18] But other researchers have noted that these diversions can occur in both directions, and that gas taxes and...


    3. New Jersey approves 23 cent gas tax hike

      • New Jersey has the second-lowest gas tax in the nation, according to the American Petroleum Institute, behind only Alaska. The tax increase would bring New Jersey gas prices roughly in line with the national average of $2.23 a gallon. The state's consistently low gas tax has meant that it's had...


    4. New Jersey Will Increase Gas Tax 23¢, Ending Long Political StalemateNew Jersey Will Increase Gas Tax 23¢, Ending Long Political Stalemate

      • Pumping gas at a rest area on the New Jersey Turnpike. An agreement among state leaders would increase the gasoline tax by 23 cents, in exchange for cuts in the sales and estate taxes.
      • Mr. Christie said the sales tax rate would decrease next year to 6.875 percent, from 7 percent.


    5. New Jersey Gas Tax Hike: Will Your State Be Next? | Fox Business

      • As New Jersey residents adjust to paying more at the pump thanks to a fat gas tax that kicks in today, drivers in other states are on edge--especially those
      • “Many other states are facing similar issues, but haven’t raised the gas tax in a decade or more,” said Carl Davis, research director at the Institute on...


    6. Taxation in New Jersey - Wikipedia

      The U.S. state of New Jersey levies a state personal income tax and state corporate income tax and a state sales tax. Property taxes are also levied by municipalities, counties, and school districts.


    7. New Jersey–AB 12 increases gasoline tax, reduces sales tax rate, and enacts other changes | Deloitte US

      Analysis. New Jersey–AB 12 increases gasoline tax, reduces sales tax rate, and enacts other changes. Multistate Tax alert | November 7, 2016. This tax alert summarizes these law changes that have various effective dates as noted in the discussion that follows. Add to my bookmarks.


    8. N.J. gas tax will rise 4.3 cents a gallon this fall | NJ.com

      • Unlike many other states, New Jersey's new gas tax is pegged to consumption, not to the price of a gallon of gasoline. The tax rate will not rise or fall automatically as gas prices rise or fall. But it will be adjusted if the tax doesn't generate a consistent amount of funding for the Transportation Trust Fund.


    9. More pain at the pump: New Jersey gas tax to increase again in October

      • New Jersey’s gas tax will increase 4.3 cents per gallon starting Oct. 1, the state Treasury Department announced Thursday, citing lower-than-projected
      • “The precise change in the gas tax rate is dictated by several factors, all of which are beyond the control of the current administration,” State Treasurer...


    10. New Jersey Gasoline and Fuel Taxes for 2018 | Other New Jersey Fuel Excise Tax Rates

      • † These tax rates are based on energy content relative to gasoline. What percentage of the cost of gas in New Jersey comes from taxes and gas station profit? The diagram above shows how the prices of an average gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel are broken down among various components...