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    1. New Jersey Income Tax Calculator | SmartAsset.com

      • New Jersey has a single, statewide sales tax rate. On January 1, 2018 that rate decreased from 6.875% to 6.625%. The flat sales tax rate means you will pay the
      • For fuel taxes, we first distributed statewide vehicle miles traveled down to the county level using the number of vehicles in each county.


    2. New Jersey Gasoline and Fuel Taxes for 2018 | Other New Jersey Fuel Excise Tax Rates

      • The primary excise taxes on fuel in New Jersey are on gasoline, though most states also tax other types of fuel.
      • In New Jersey, Aviation Fuel is subject to a state excise tax of 10.5 cents per gallon plus .04 cents per gallon PGRT plus .02 cents per gallon Airport Safety Tax.


    3. Fuel taxes in the United States - Wikipedia

      The United States federal excise tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel fuel. The federal tax was last raised in 1993 and is not indexed to inflation, which increased by a total of 64.6 percent from 1993 until 2015.


    4. New Jersey - Sales Tax Handbook 2018 | New Jersey Sales Tax Rates by Zip Code

      • New Jersey is a destination-based sales tax state, which means that sales tax rates are determined by the location of the buyer when the transaction is completed. This means that, for orders placed via the internet/mail by a customer within New Jersey from a New Jersey vendor, the vendor must collect a...


    5. NJ Division of Taxation - Motor Fuels Tax

      • Motor Fuels Tax. Taxes on Fuel Sales at New Jersey Marinas 33 kb. FEMA Supported Retailer’s Report 67 kb.
      • Motor Fuels Tax Act Special Notice 53 kb. Motor Fuels Forms. Motor Fuel Tax Rate.


    6. Taxation in New Jersey - Wikipedia

      The U.S. state of New Jersey levies a state personal income tax and state corporate income tax and a state sales tax. Property taxes are also levied by municipalities, counties, and school districts.


    7. New York Gasoline and Fuel Taxes for 2018 | Other New York Fuel Excise Tax Rates

      • New Jersey.
      • Fuel producers and vendors in New York have to pay fuel excise taxes, and are responsible for filing various fuel tax reports to the New York government.
      • Federal excise tax rates on various motor fuel products are as follows: Gasoline. $0.18.4 per gallon.


    8. New Jersey (NJ) Sales Tax Rates by City

      • Most of New Jersey has the same sales tax rate. Regions of some cities in the state are part of the Urban Enterprise Zone. These regions have a reduced sales tax rate of 3.3125% to encourage consumers to make purchases in these regions.


    9. New Jersey Sales Tax Rate - 2018

      • New Jersey doesn't collect sales tax on purchases of most prescription drugs, groceries and clothing. In most states, necessities such as groceries, clothes, and drugs are exempted
      • New Jersey does not treat candy or soda as groceries, which means they are not subject to reduced grocery sales tax rates.


    10. NJ Division of Taxation - Motor Fuel Tax Forms | New Motor Fuel Forms

      • New Jersey Supplier of Motor Fuels Tax Bond. 78K.
      • New Jersey Tax Exemption Certificate on Motor Fuel Sales to State, County or Local Governments.