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    1. State vehicle inspection cost? (Wayne, Paramus: live in, car, station) - New Jersey (NJ) - City-Data Forum

      • I've been driving for 15 years and have never paid to have a car inspected.
      • Cost of Home Inspection!, New Jersey, 36 replies.


    2. State of New Jersey - Motor Vehicle Commission | What do I have to bring to have my car inspected?

      • The inspector will install a new inspection sticker at no cost to the motorist. I bought a model year 2016 car from a New Jersey New Car Dealer this year, when does it have to be inspected?


    3. Nj DMV car inspection (how much, codes, cost) - New Jersey (NJ) - City-Data Forum

      • Just so you know on a civic with a 12 gallon gas tank a 30% reduction in fuel mileage will cost you about $10 every tank driven so def not good.
      • Used car inspection in nj., New Jersey, 10 replies.


    4. failed inspection because of a window not working properly... (car inspection, cost) - New Jersey (NJ) - City-Data Forum

      • I failed because my windshield wipers needed to be replaced! I could see fine when it rained. Freaking thing cost $5 and 5 secs to replace.
      • Failed car inspection, New Jersey, 11 replies.


    5. New Jersey Car Registration Requirements & Steps | DMV.org

      • New Jersey car registration steps, forms, fees, and taxes. Learn how to register a car after you buy it or after you move. Find out how much your registration will cost
      • NJ Vehicle Inspections. All vehicles registered in New Jersey are required to get inspected, generally every 2 years ―however, your...


    6. State of New Jersey - Motor Vehicle Commission | These changes will not take effect until after a contract is awarded and customers will be notified of these changes when their vehicle is due for inspection.

      • Changes Are Coming To The New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Program. While you may have heard that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Inspection Program will be changing. The current inspection process will remain the same until that time.


    7. State of New Jersey - Motor Vehicle Commission | How do I get my vehicle inspected?

      • Vehicles need to be inspected once every two years in New Jersey, except for new vehicles, which are given a five-year inspection. Check the inspection sticker on your windshield to find the date your vehicle is due.


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      • DMV car inspections a Joke, New Jersey, 22 replies.
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    9. State of New Jersey - Motor Vehicle Commission | The inspection process Make sure you have all necessary documentation - driver license, registration, proof of insurance - with you.

      • Registrations and inspections do not necessarily match. The inspector will determine your car's engine type and prep it for testing.
      • Vehicles purchased without a New Jersey inspection sticker will receive a decal valid until the last day of the month of registration, five years from the vehicle model...


    10. New Jersey Used Car Inspection FAQs

      • You can’t legally drive a New Jersey used car that fails a New Jersey car inspection on New Jersey roads for very long!
      • Handling your New Jersey case wrong from the beginning may only cost you more money and time in the end!!