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    1. Middle name to go with Jordan for a girl.. in Baby Names | Forum | Huggies

      • two: Jordan Elise Jordan Alice. Three+: Jordan Emily Jordan Elizabeth Jordan Louise. Jordan sounds to me like a strong name, did you want a
      • I'd definately go with something feminine as a middle name because I know a couple of boys with the name. But definately don't let that put you off...


    2. middle name for Jordan - Baby Names - Essential Baby | Forum

      • middle name for Jordan - posted in Baby Names: Can't find a name that I absolutely so have decided DS#3 will be Jordan (I do the nm Jordy!)Now I just need a middle name to go with
      • middle name for Jordan with a long last name. Started by madles , Sep 17 2009 02:13 PM. Please log in to reply.


    3. middle names to go with jordan and jasmine? | Yahoo Answers

      Jordan Evan Jordan Brandon Jordan Scott Jordan Eric Jordan Matthew Jordan Ryan Jordan Noah Jordan Collin Jordan Hunter Jasmine Hannah Jasmine Ally Jasmine Amber Jasmine Michelle Jasmine Ella Jasmine Maya Jasmine Hayley Jasmine Nicole Jasmine Adisson.


    4. Jordan (name) - Wikipedia

      The name Jordan can refer to several things. As a name, it comes from the Hebrew. ירדן‬ (Yarden), meaning "one who descends" or "to flow down".


    5. first & middle names that go with the last name Jordan? | Yahoo Answers

      Xander Evan Jordan Keegan Nathan Jordan Hayden Levi Jordan Vance Damien Jordan Talon Oliver Jordan Just remember...people rarely use middle names. The only time my middle name was used was when my mother was angry. My children have middle names and they are never used.


    6. Name Jordan - Meaning, origin etc. - Both, Boy Names, Girl Names - Baby Name Jordan

      • See the meaning of the name Jordan, additional information, categories, pronunciation, popularity
      • Popular during the Middle Age Crusades, Jordan fell from popularity until the very late 19th century
      • Celebrities with the name include Katie Price, a British model who went by the name ‘Jordan’ for...


    7. Nine names proposed for Jordan, Terman schools | News | Palo Alto Online

      • The geographic names tentatively proposed for each school are Adobe Creek Middle School for Terman and Redwood Grove Middle School for Jordan. Committee members are continuing to research the proposed names in the hopes of uncovering anything that could cause caution or concern.


    8. Behind the Name: User Comments for the name Jordan

      • Jordan is one of my favorite boy names! I love it on a boy! It’s strong, handsome, and masculine.
      • I’d probably give her a feminine middle name if she wants to go by that if she hates having a boyish first name, I would go with Jordyn Christine or something.


    9. Middle name for Jordan?? in Baby Names Forum

      • Jordan Eliza, Jordan Violet, Jordan Iris, Jordan Calliope, Jordan Charlotte, Jordan Daisy ~ I would go with a girly middle name...since Jordan is unisex.
      • I like Jordan Grace, Jordan Rose, Jordan Elizabeth. I like pretty traditional names though... '03 '05 '08 '09 '10 after 14 months of swaying.


    10. Middle name - Wikipedia

      In several cultures, a middle name is a portion of a personal name that is written between the person's given name and their surname. A person may be given a middle name regardless of whether it's...