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    1. Different spellings for "Jordan" - Baby Name Game - WhatToExpect.com | Forum

      • If you're going with Jordan for a girl at least stick with that spelling.
      • I tried to go by my middle name once i started to hate it but it was too late. But to answer your question, I'd stick with original spelling.


    2. Cant decide on a middle name to go with Riley - BabyCenter

      • So we are looking at the name Riley as a first name for a girl but we are having a hard time thinking of a middle name to go with it.
      • Even if her brother weren't called Jordan, I'd still go with Ella. Not a big Riley fan, here. It just sounds like chewing noises, to me.


    3. First Names that go with Georgia | Baby Name Wizard | Forum

      • I am at a loss for first names for girls to go with the middle name Georgia.
      • We had three names picked out before the middle name decision: Jordan Avery, Jordan Claire, Jordan Elise.


    4. Top 50 Unisex Baby Names

      • Unisex baby names are names that can be used for either a boy or a girl. Often called androgynous names, some titles are so middle-ground
      • Oftentimes, a gender-neutral name can be made more specific by the way a parent chooses to spell it (for example, Jordan for a boy and Jordyn for a girl).


    5. I need a Boys middle name that goes with the first name Jordan? | Yahoo Answers

      • I personally like Jordan for a girl but if thats what you want to name a boy then you need a masculine middle name because it is a unisex names!
      • What Are Some Good Middle Names That Go With Jordan?


    6. Baby Middle Names for... - Middle Name Ideas

      • Find middle names that go with a favorite first name using the fun Baby Name Genie middle name generator.
      • Terra in Oklahoma. It's our first child, and she's a girl. Our last name is Watson. I was going for Suzanna Adelle for a while, but grew not to like it.


    7. Middle name suggestions for Sawyer (girl) - Baby Name Game - WhatToExpect.com | Forum

      • Hubby and I FINALLY decided at 37 weeks that we are going with Sawyer for our baby girl, but are looking for some middle name suggestions. So far we have: Sawyer Reese, Sawyer Anniston, Sawyer Brynn, and Sawyer Quinn. I know many of you don't like Sawyer for a girl, which is fine...


    8. Middle names that go with Abel? - BabyCenter

      • I'm having a hard time thinking of middle names that go well with the name Abel. My other two boys are Remington Carvor and River Jordan. Carvor is aa combo of mine and DHs first names and Jordan is DHs middle name.


    9. What Girl middle names go with Savannah

      • What are some middle names that go good with the first name Sloane for a girl?
      • What is the name of the manga about a girl going through middle school and high school?


    10. Which middle name for Jordan for a girl? | Yahoo Answers

      • If you like it, go for it =D My favorite middle name with it is Isabella. It's a little more flamboyant than Lily and a lot more flamboyant than Grace, so it adds a little more spunk to the mellow Jordan.
      • I wouldn't name a girl Jordan in real life. People will see name Jordan and think of a 6'6" black man.