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    1. Middle name to go with Jordan for a girl.. in Baby Names | Forum | Huggies

      • two: Jordan Elise Jordan Alice. Three+: Jordan Emily Jordan Elizabeth Jordan Louise. Jordan sounds to me like a strong name, did you want a
      • I'd definately go with something feminine as a middle name because I know a couple of boys with the name. But definately don't let that put you off...


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      • Jordan is another one of those oh-so-trendy unisex names. And, as often is the case, as it gains popularity as a girls name...


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      • A daughter named Alexis is destined to be a strong woman. Derived from the male names Alexander and Alexius, who refers to...


    4. middle name for Jordan - Baby Names - Essential Baby | Forum

      • middle name for Jordan - posted in Baby Names: Can't find a name that I absolutely so have decided DS#3 will be Jordan (I do the nm Jordy!)Now I just need a middle name to go with Jordan, we have a hyphenated last name with 12 letters in total so a shorter middle name needed.TIA.


    5. Name Jordan - Meaning, origin etc. - Both, Boy Names, Girl Names - Baby Name Jordan

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      • Popular during the Middle Age Crusades, Jordan fell from popularity until the very late 19th century; even then it was still an uncommon name for boys...


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      Track: 15 Name: (When) Your Middle Name Is Danger Artist: Trocadero Album: Ghosts That Linger Used at the end of various episodes of Red vs Blue...


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    9. Jordan? Boy or girl - Baby Names | Forums | What to Expect

      • My middle name is Jordan (born in the 80s). I don't think I've ever met a male Jordan. Only girls.
      • I feel like this is one of the fee names that can truly go either way. I personally know more female Jordans than male, but for me it works for either gender.


    10. what first names oes well with the middle name jordan ? | Forum - Netmums Chat

      • Caleb Jordan Zachary Jordan Henry Jordan Samuel Jordan Freddie Jordan Theodore Jordan Joshua Jordan Archie Jordan Mathew Jordan Oscar Jordan Nico Jordan Tyler Jordan Lucas Jordan Andrew Jordan Blake Jordan Riley...