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  1. Fifty Shades of Grey "are you gay?" interview scene - YouTube

    • Fifty Shades of Grey - Official Trailer (HD).
    • Fifty Shades Freed Would you change your name for me(argument scene)- Movie Clip - Продолжительность: 2:00 TheMusyGamerMedia 683 199 просмотров.


  2. 50 Shades of Gay by Jeffery Self | Because if this was serious I would have slapped me a Movie Star!!

    • I rate 50 Shades of Gay 2-stars for it was okay. The book had smut and a believable HFN, but
    • The person he ends up choosing is Taylor Grayson. Taylor was a cold, arrogant actor. I didn't like him
    • Taylor was just as magnetic as the Grey of 50 shades, but with less baggage and more guts, I think.


  3. Bret Easton Ellis: ‘Ludicrous’ to cast a gay actor like Matt Bomer in Fifty Shades of Grey · PinkNews

    • “Fifty Shades of Grey: Matt Bomer: I don’t care how good an actor you are but being married to another man complicates things for playing CG.
    • He continued: “Fifty Shades of Grey: the most popular book on the planet having Matt Bomer–a gay actor–play Christian Grey is absolutely ludicrous.


  4. Matt Bomer Is Too Gay For 'Fifty Shades Of Grey,' Says Bret Easton Ellis | HuffPost

    • Fifty Shades of Grey demands an actor that is genuinely into women.
    • I think Matt Bomer is incredibly handsome and a good actor but I think he comes off totally gay in White Collar. And that is why no to CG...


  5. Gay Men Read '50 Shades Of Grey' (NSFW) | HuffPost

    • A group of gay men got together and explored the VERY heterosexual world of "50 Shades Of Grey" together. To be honest, we never really knew the language in this book was so detailed -- or hilarious. But hearing it come out of the mouths of these gay men makes it even better.


  6. '50 Shades' Bret Easton Ellis: Gay Matt Bomer can't play Christan Grey

    • "Fifty Shades of Grey: Matt Bomer is NOT about discrimination. It's about an intensely straight actor wanting absolutely to screw Ana Steele." He continued: "Fifty Shades of Grey: the most popular book on the planet having Matt Bomer--a gay actor--play Christian Grey is absolutely ludicrous.


  7. Fifty Shades of Homophobia: Who Cares If the Actor Who Plays Christian Grey Is Gay? | HuffPost

    • like Fifty Shades of Grey, or any part that comes their way.
    • And by calling Ellis out and reaffirming the wide fan support for Bomer as Christian Grey, audiences are already showing Ellis how wrong he is.
    • Queer Voices Matt Bomer 50 Shades Of Grey Gay Actors.


  8. 50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Matt Bomer is too Gay to Play Christian Grey, Says Bret Easton Ellis

    • He is NOT right for Christian Grey and it complicates the role," Ellis tweeted. "I don't care how good an actor you are but being married to another man
    • Still, Bomer has so far escaped the stereotypical portrayal of gay characters to which openly gay celebrities have been relegated historically.


  9. 50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Matt Bomer is Not too Gay to Play Christian Grey (VIDEO)

    • Ellis, whose offer was declined by Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James, said White Collar’s Matt Bomer, who has figured among the favorites to be
    • But don’t take my word for it. Check out Modern Family’s beloved gay father Cam, who is successfully played by heterosexual actor Eric Stonestreet.


  10. Fifty shades of grey parody - 50 shades of grey gay parody lyrics

    • Fifty Shades of Gay Grey Geico Piggy Deliverance Squeal Like a Pig Parody.
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