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    1. how do binoculars measure distance

      • Look at how closely you can focus the binoculars in the store and measure the distance between them and the object you're looking at.
      • How do we test binoculars? 3 January 2010. Print Share. Arkadiusz Olech.


    2. how do binoculars measure distance

      • 20 мар 2015 ... Insert the button strap into the buttonhole on the binoculars. .... (P3) The binoculars can display the measured distance in yards or metres.
      • Articles. How do we test binoculars? 3 January 2010. Print Share.


    3. Binoculars - Measuring distance | Forum

      • I always wondered, how do I use the binoculars to measure the distance to a location? This would be very good to know as a grenadier or for the sniper when he's not being squad leader.


    4. What is Pupillary Distance (PD)? | How do I read my PD measurement on my prescription?

      • Near/Reading and Far/Distance Binocular PD measurements for both eyes (OU).
      • If your prescription does not have your PD measurement on it then you can measure your PD yourself by reading the "How do I measure my own PD" section.


    5. Affordable 8x42 Binoculars - 2016 Review by Michael and Diane Porter

      • How to audition a binocular. Interpupillary distance and the hinge. Hold the binoculars with both hands and look through them.
      • If you encounter this issue, ask a friend to measure the distance, center-to-center, between the pupils of your eyes, using a ruler with a millimeter scale.


    6. How Do We Measure Distance in the Universe? - Universe Today

      • How do they know how far away planets, stars, galaxies, and even the edge of the observable Universe is? Assuming it’s all trickery?
      • Astronomers have a bag of remarkably clever tricks and techniques to measure distance in the Universe.


    7. Fitbit Help - How does my tracker calculate distance?

      • If you prefer to measure your walking and running stride lengths yourself and enter them manually, see How do I measure and adjust my stride length? Note that when you're tracking an activity with GPS, Fitbit calculates your distance using GPS data rather than steps.


    8. An introduction to how binoculars use lenses and prisms to make magnified images. - Explain that Stuff

      • How binoculars work. Photo: Key features of field glasses. You focus by turning the focusing screw in the middle. This pushes the focusing mechanism back and forward, increasing the distance between the objective lens and the eyepiece lens.


    9. Fitbit Help - How do I measure and adjust my stride length?

      • If your distance measurement seems inaccurate, follow the steps below to calculate your stride length and then add it to your Fitbit account. How do I calculate my stride length? To measure your walking stride length


    10. How To Measure Any Distance With The Pythagorean Theorem – BetterExplained

      • How to Use Any Distance. Measuring User Preferences. Finding Color Distance.
      • Finding Color Distance. Measuring “distance” between colors is another useful application. Colors are represented as red/green/blue (RGB) values from 0(min) to 255 (max).