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    1. Hobos (Gang) | Hip Wiki

      • Hobos is a violent street gang operating in Chicago, Illinois that was crippled in 2013 as a majority of its
      • According to authorities, the leader of the Hobos gang was Gregory Chester, who also went by...


    2. Gregory “Bowlegs” Chester, Paris Poe convicted: Accused Hobos gang leader, hitman, 4 others convicted - CBS News

      • Accused Hobos boss Gregory “Bowlegs” Chester, alleged hitman Paris Poe and four others were found guilty of a racketeering conspiracy.


    3. Hobos gang leader sentenced to 40 years in prison - CBS News

      • The Hobos allegedly killed Bluitt three months after Chester was shot outside his girlfriend's apartment in a neighborhood associated with Bluitt's gang. Meanwhile, Poe killed Daniels shortly after Chester's...


    4. Chicago's Hobos gang leaders convicted over nine alleged murders | US news | The Guardian

      The ‘all-star team’ were responsible for perpetuating city’s staggering homicide rate, prosecutors argued during biggest gang trial in Chicago’s recent history.


    5. 'All-star team of the worst of the worst': alleged leaders of Hobos gang go on trial | US news | The Guardian

      Prosecutors say the defendants murdered, maimed and tortured their way into controlling the most lucrative drug markets on Chicago’s south side.


    6. 6 Hobos gang members found guilty of racketeering conspiracy | Chicago Sun-Times

      • “The Hobos street gang was as bad as it gets,” U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon said after the verdict.
      • Chester once survived being shot 19 times and got his nickname from a bone disease that makes it...


    7. Feds Charge Hobos Street Gang with Five Murders, Drug Dealing, Racketeering - The Loop - Chicago - DNAinfo

      • Members of the Hobo street gang were charged with murder, racketeering and more. Clockwise, from top left: Gregory Chester, 36; Gabriel Bush, 34; William Ford, 33; Byron Brown, 28; Paris Poe...


    8. Hobos gang leader sentenced to 40 years in prison | Chicago Sun-Times

      • Gregory “Bowlegs” Chester “embraced the murder and mayhem” wreaked over a decade by the Hobos street gang.
      • That’s why, in the end, Tharp sentenced Chester to 40 years in prison at the end of a...


    9. Alleged leader of Hobos gang takes the stand | Chicago Sun-Times

      • Then Chester went further, testifying that the Hobos street gang never even existed. Chester said the word “Hobo” referred to a murdered friend from the now-demolished Robert Taylor housing...


    10. Murder trial begins for 'leader of Chicago's notorious Hobos "super gang" | Daily Mail Online

      • Hobos gang in Chicago are linked to deaths of nine people within a decade. Feared gang leader Gregory 'Bowlegs' Chester is lead defendant in trial.