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    1. Highest-grossing horror movies: Top 25 worldwide | Newsday

      • "It," "The Conjuring," "Jaws" and more horror films that didn't scare moviegoers away from the box office.
      • From "Jaws" to "A Quiet Place," these are the top 25 highest-grossing horror movies of all time, worldwide, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com, as of Oct.


    2. Top-grossing horror films - HORRORPEDIA

      • Top-grossing horror films. Box office grosses are worldwide (unless indicated as US only) and in
      • In the 1980s and 1990s the home video market was massive and many low budget horror movies were hugely
      • Return to Horror High (1987) US: $1,189,709. The Lords of Salem (2013) US: $1,165,882.


    3. Highest-grossing horror movies of all time: list - Business Insider

      • Here are the 20 highest-grossing horror films of all time: Note: We have not adjusted the grosses for inflation.


    4. ‘It’ becomes highest-grossing horror film of all time - YouTube

      Only two weeks after its release, the movie ‘It’ surpassed ‘The Exorcist’ and became the highest-grossing horror film of all time. Get more...


    5. List of highest-grossing films - Wikipedia

      List of highest-grossing films. Films generate income from several revenue streams, including theatrical exhibition, home video, television broadcast rights and merchandising. However, theatrical box office earnings are the primary metric for trade publications in assessing the success of a film...


    6. 15 Highest Grossing Horror Movies of All Time – The Cinemaholic

      • Here is the list of 15 highest grossing horror movies ever.
      • ‘The Sixth Sense’ was more than just a horror movie. It was a reinforcement of the thriller genre and the superseding
      • Deftly crafted and breathtakingly performed, the film is Shyamalan at his vintage best and Willis at his most vulnerable.


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      There's been many horror movies to cash out at the box office, but these memorable spine-chilling films stood tall above them all, from movies like signs to...


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      • Ever wondered what the highest grossing horror movie are? We took some time and put together this top list for all you horror fans out there, both casual and hardcore fans.
      • Hope you enjoy this list. I also included necessary information for each horror film along with their respective movie trailers.


    9. The Highest Grossing Horror Movies At The Box Office – Where's The Jump?

      • The following table shows the 40 highest grossing movies at the box office (adjusted for inflation). Due to the difficulty of obtaining international box office data
      • It became an unexpected box office smash in 2017, storming past the The Sixth Sense to become the highest grossing horror movie unadjusted...


    10. Highest earning horror movies ever : theCHIVE | The highest-grossing horror films of all time (20 Photos)

      • Hopefully, your Halloween was full of candy and costumes. Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean we have to forget about everything scary. Box Office Mojo crunched the numbers to find the highest-grossing horror films throughout history.