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    1. GMT Master II vs. Submariner

      • Personally, I've owned both -- but like the GMT Master better overall. A vintage Submariner comes in a very close second, though.
      • The watch does what it says and really isnt much different to the Sub - just twin lock vs triplock crown, otherwise the same case etc.


    2. Rolex GMT Master II vs Rolex Submariner

      • Caseback and Crown: Despite the similar case, the Submariner uses a thicker caseback and one that rises more than the GMT making the Submariner 13mm thick vs 12.45mm on the
      • GMT-Master II. Because of the differences in the caseback, the Submariner rides a little higher than the GMT.


    3. Submariner vs GMT master 1/2

      • Re: Submariner vs GMT master 1/2. The GMT Master II is the ultimate travel watch (in my opinion) so it would be a good choice for you in a practical sense, but it sounds like your heart lies with the Sub.


    4. Rolex GMT-Master II 116710 LN vs Rolex Submariner 116610 LN

      • I ended up going with the Submariner, and I just started saving up for it. However, after looking around the web and seeing the Rolex GMT-Master II, with the ceramic bezel, I have decided to make a new discussion- the GMT II vs the Submariner.


    5. Part 1 Rolex: Submariner Date VS GMT Master II

      • As Promised here is the review of the Rolex GMT Master II VS Submariner Date. What would you buy?


    6. Comparing the Rolex Submariner to the GMT-Master II

      • These two watches are, of course, the Submariner dive watch (ref. 116610) and the GMT-Master II (we'll call it the GMT for short, but we're talking about the current ref.
      • A Pre-Owned Rolex Daytona VS The IRA. September 21, 2017.


    7. Rolex "Batman" GMT Master II vs the "Hulk" Submariner. | Diving Watches | Pinterest

      • Batman & Smurf 116710 BLNR Rolex GMT Master II 116619 LB WhiteGold Rolex Submariner Which one would you choose?!?
      • Tough Call Really. Rolex Two Tone Blue Submariner VS Black GMT.


    8. Rolex Submariner Date vs GMT-Master II Model Comparison - Rob's Rolex Chronicle

      • Rolex Submariner Date Case on GMT-Master II Case.
      • Rolex Online Resources. Stainless Steel Rolex Yacht-Master II vs Submarine... Rolex Arts Testimonee, Tenor Rolando Villazón.


    9. Rolex GMT-Master II vs Rolex Submariner | Форум

      • Предварительно присматриваюсь к стальному Rolex GMT-Master II (116710LN) или Rolex Submariner (116610LN). Сразу вопрос - какая между ними принципиальная разница. Визуально мне понятно - отличие шкалы на безеле...


    10. Gmt Master ii vs Submariner images

      • Gmt Master ii c And Submariner. Source Abuse Report.
      • Rolex Submariner vs Gmt Master.