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    1. Best Movies on Netflix Instant Streaming List | GotchaMovies: Movie News, Netflix Instant, Movie Trailers

      • Best Netflix Movies Best Netflix Instant Streaming Lists Best Netflix Series Best Netflix Movies Right Now.
      • The GotchaMovies Team will keep you fully in the know on all things Netflix Instant! Give us your recommendations in the comment section and we will add User Picks!


    2. The Best Movies on Netflix Instant (Updated for October, 2018) - IMDb

      • I have read from various comments on Netflix that it seemed like Fonda forget his lines. Did these people forget that his character is supposed to
      • One of the strongest female protagonists in animation and one of the best in general. This movie was better and funnier than I remembered having...


    3. New Netflix Instant Movies for October 2013 | 'Beyond Borders' (2003) -- Starring Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen, and Linus Roache. A woman embarks on a journey of self-discovery involving danger and heartbreak.

      • New Netflix Instant Movies — October 2013. Britt Hayes. September 30, 2013. Paramount/Columbia Pictures.
      • Fall is in full-swing, and what better way to escape the blustery days outside than by enjoying a good movie on Netflix Instant in the great indoors?


    4. The 40+ Best Comedy Movies on Netflix, Ranked | List Rules Must be comedy movies available on Netflix Instant

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      • Are there new comedy movies on Netflix?
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    5. The 40+ Best LGBTQ+ Movies On Netflix, Ranked

      • What are the best LGBT Movies on Netflix Instant available for streaming? The list below ranks the best gay and lesbian films on Netflix in one
      • This Netflix streaming list has nearly as many of the greatest queer movies as the traditional Netflix DVD service does. New hits like Blue Is the Warmest...


    6. Best Comedies on Netflix: Funny Movies to Stream Right Now - Thrillist

      • The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now.
      • Drinking Buddies (2013). This understated romantic comedy from mumblecore master Joe Swanberg centers on the intimate
      • Is this secretly Eddie Murphy's funniest movie? Prepare to question everything after you watch Murphy team up with Dan...


    7. 13 Best Comedy Movies Available on Netflix Watch Instantly | brockingmovies

      • Netflix is constantly changing its movie selection. Here is a list of 13 of the best comedy movies that are currently available to watch on Netflix Watch Instantly.
      • Netflix Watch Instantly Movie Reviews September 2013.
      • 20 Best Drama Movies Based on Real Life Available on Netflix Watch Instantly.


    8. The 60+ Best Family Comedies Movies On Netflix, Ranked

      • This list of family comedies on Netflix features both subversive adult works in the masquerade of child adventures as well as guilty pleasures that
      • Would you recommend these Netflix family comedy movies to others? Vote for the films below that you enjoy the most, and vote down any that you saw...


    9. Best Documentaries on Netflix Instant

      • The Best Documentary Movies on Netflix Instant is a complete Netflix streaming list for your perusal. All the best documentary films on Netflix streaming are listed in one convenient place so you can fully utilize your Netflix service. Some of the best movies of all time are now available on ...


    10. The Best French Language Movies On Netflix Instant

      • This list of movies in French on Netflix features some of the most important talents in French Cinema including, director Bertrand Tavernier The French Minister (Quai d’Orsay), Gerard Depardieu (The Closet, Going Places and Viktor), director Roman Polanski's Venus in Fur, and French...