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  1. Welcome to Five Guys | Burgers & Fries

    • Burgers & Fries. since 1986. Welcome to Five Guys. Order.


  2. The Best Halal Burger in London | Halal Food Guy

    • The most detailed review of halal burgers in London. Over 25 different burger places reviewed and over 70 burgers eaten to find the best burger!
    • There are over 70 Halal Burger joints in London, (I’m not including your local PFC that does that 99p cheeseburger).


  3. Menu

    • Menu. Five Guys' passion for food is shared with our fans, which is why we never compromise. Fresh ingredients hand-prepared that satisfy your craving.
    • Five Mount Olive Pickles to bring that salty, briny, and crunchy texture to your Five Guys burger, dog or sandwich. Pickles Nutrition Information.


  4. Contact Five Guys

    • Does Five Guys use Halal meat? Do any Five Guys products contain soy or dairy?
    • Heck, employees at the Five Guys can only get free burgers if they are working in the store!
    • Five Guys are looking for new restaurant opportunities in prime London and UK A+ locations, with high footfall...


  5. Contact Us | Is there pink slime in Five Guys burgers?

    • Five Guys uses 80/20 ground chuck-high quality ground beef containing only steer and heifer meat, which does not include any cow meat or fatty trimmings. We do not use ammoniated procedures to treat our ground beef. This means that there is NO "pink slime" in our burgers.


  6. Halal Food Guy - Halal restaurant reviews in London

    • Halal restaurants reviews around London. Discover new restaurants around London that serve Halal food. Images, reviews and restaurant map.


  7. Burgeri | Halal Food Guy | Address: 22 Great Marlborough St, London W1F 7HU

    • Burgeri is the latest addition to the halal burger scene in London and is a import from the a established chain in doha, Middle East. I work very close by and
    • The venue is popular with the Arab crowd is definitely a other option for the Arab tourist compared to the non halal five guys burgers around the...


  8. The famous burger restaurant Five Guys, in Dubai, reviewed by the food blog, My Big Fat Halal Blog.

    • A Halal food blog reviewing London's finest Halal food!
    • What I love about Five Guys is that you can build your own burger. You start off with a juicy double patty (either with cheese or without) and then have the choice of adding up to 15 toppings (all of which are free)!


  9. Best Burger In London (Part I) - Featuring Five Guys, Meat Liquor and Patty & Bun - YouTube

    Jesse Burgess & film maker Will Warr are on a mission to find the Best Burger in London. Forget the technical blog write ups, TopJaw films show you the true...


  10. Dubai Burger Special | Halal Food Guy | Burger Price: £8 Rating: 4/10 Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Dubai Marina Mall), Sheikh Zayed Rd

    • My first burger stop in Dubai was Five Guys for an early lunch, which I was looking forward to as I heard a lot
    • We have a few shake shacks in London, but none are halal, what a shame..
    • Like Five Guys it was average and on par with ANY random beef burger or ¼ pounder from your nearest PFC.