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    1. Does Spice show up on drug tests?

      • does spicy k2 can be detected with a regular drug test like the marihuana saliva test do k2 will apper.
      • I have smelt him smoking it and it smells like a chemical. What does spice smell like?


    2. What Is Spice and Why Do People Call It the Zombie Drug?

      • The gutter press has and still does demonize relatively harmless drugs like weed and ecstasy — is spice really as dangerous as they say it is?
      • Spice also has a chemical smell to it, which will interact with whatever shitty herbs it’s been sprayed on. To point out the obvious, if it doesn’t look like weed...


    3. What does spiced smell like?

      • Listing of the answers to the question: What does spiced smell like? I suspect my son is smoking spice in my home. I have frequently smelled a skunk type smell in his room on several occasions.


    4. What does spice do to you? What are the effects of the drug? | Health | Life & Style | Express.co.uk

      • THE illegal drug spice has caused a “zombie plague” of addicts blighting cities across Britain, but what is spice and what does it do to you?
      • Spice and other so-called legal highs were banned by the Government in 2016, and police are now targeting drug dealers across Britain.


    5. does marijuana smell like a spice such as oregano? | Yahoo Answers

      • No marijuana smells like skunk or pine trees, and while different strains of marijuana do have different scents, there is no strain that has the scent of oregano or any kitchen spice.
      • Coffee and Alcohol are drugs do you do them? are you a drug addict then? So you never broke the law? and if you did and...


    6. Does the black Mamba spice contain THC

      • Does black mamba spice smell like marijuana?
      • In Illegal Drugs. Does spice affect THC detoxification? Yes then up to a day later if you smoke marijuana you will not be affected.


    7. Does curry smell/spice ever leave a home? (Nassau: wood floors, real estate) - Long Island - New York (NY) - City-Data Forum

      • Oh good lord...you will be fine (I am a second gen indian) Mom..so I do know a little bit about curry smell. Heck it even bothers me sometimes LOL.
      • Unless the home is absolutely filthy and there was curry spices matted in the rugs..you will be fine. What I am saying is that once you move in...they will...


    8. Women: Does Old Spice smell good? - LoveShack.org Community Forums

      • Do women like the smell of Old Spice? I'm a 23 year old man, and I wear the underarm deodorant.
      • Does not smell cologne like at all. Just has a very light citrus scent that doesn't really last or project much. Or original Irish spring shower gel (that I haven't added anything to).


    9. Playing With Spice - Simple Play Ideas

      • My older son still enjoys the spice smelling now as much as he did when he was a baby.
      • After he smelled it, we put some glue down and sprinkled the spice onto the glue, and I wrote the name down. He would tell me how he thought it smelled.


    10. Does old spice swagger smell good

      • Answered. In Illegal Drugs. Does spice smell like marijuana? Depends on your form of marijuana.