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  1. Name John - Meaning, origin etc. - Boy Names - Baby Name John

    • The name John fell out of the top 100 names for boys in England and Wales in 2011, falling further
    • The name John is of Hebrew origin, and is used in more than one countries and different languages
    • For names with the same popularity, the tie is solved by assigning popularity rank in alphabetical order.


  2. Boy Names Starting With J

    • Boy names that start with the letter J have led the popular baby names list since naming records
    • Two of the most classic J names for boys, James and John, head up the list of the most popular
    • born in the last century, and no fewer than nine more — from Jeffrey to Justin to Jacob — join them...


  3. Boy Names That Start With I | Baby Names | Hebrew: God hears; In the Bible, Ishmael was the elder son of Abraham by Hagar, the Egyptian slave of Abraham''s wife Sarah. Ishmael...

    • ...hundreds of impeccable baby boy names that start with the letter I. Find them all at BabyZone.
    • Isaiah was one of, if not the, most important prophet in the Bible. Despite this honorific distinction, Isaiah is
    • Ian is the Scottish version of the classic John and has become a mainstay name of its own.


  4. Bible Names for Boys

    • Bible names have been popular for boys for more than a generation now, with classic Biblical boys' names Aaron and Adam giving way to new favorites such as Asher and Ezra.
    • Andrew is among the most appealing classic boys' names, with more character and charm than James or John.


  5. Popular names for boys - All boys names (Updated 2018)

    • Names for boys, baby boy names, baby boys names. Home. All Boys Names. Congratulations on your new baby boy! What to call him? 2018 update.
    • If you choose a baby boy's name that is not on our list, why not suggest it by filling in the box below?


  6. Boy Names That Start With J | Scottish: Son of Jack or John

    • J is for classic boy names like Jacob, John, Jason, and Jeffrey, but also lesser-known names like Jäger, Jalen, Jett, and Justice.
    • James is a common royal name used in Europe and the English version of Jacob, and happens to be one of the most popular boy's...


  7. John Name Meaning & Origin | Baby Name Wizard

    • Meaning of the name John: Derived from the Middle Latin Johannes, which is from the Ecclesiastic
    • In the novel "The Learning Tree" by Gordon Parks, there was a guard in a boy's reformatory
    • John Henry - a terminator in "Sarah Connor Chronicles". Personal experiences with the name John: | Edit.


  8. A Boy Named Sue - Wikipedia

    "A Boy Named Sue" is a song written by humorist and poet Shel Silverstein and made popular by Johnny Cash. Cash recorded the song live in concert on February 24, 1969 at California's San Quentin State Prison for his At San Quentin album.


  9. Boys names with the letter 'o' in them

    • I would like to find a boys name with the letter o, basically just because I really like this letter
    • These are my 2 fave names at moment in general, but what other names have an O in them?
    • TeiTetua Mon 23-Jan-12 17:29:39. John!!! Otto (double points) Horace Lionel Christopher Montague Aloysius.


  10. Top 250 Most Popular Baby Names for Boys in America

    • BABY NAMES IN AMERICA: Top 250 Most Popular Boy Baby Names in the United States, 2005 . All names are from Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the United States.
    • 18. John.