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    1. Best Scary Movies on Netflix 2016 - ComingSoon.net

      • Well, now horror hounds are in luck as we’ve cherry picked the most bone-chilling, scariest movies on Netflix’s streaming service, from recent releases to time-proven classics.
      • Scary Movies on Netflix: Oculus (2013). If you like your horror more mind-bending and cerebral than this is a must-watch.


    2. It’s hard to catch all the best scary movies on Netflix. We did the hard work for you. | Complex

      • And after you binge-watch all the scary, terrifying, and disturbing movies on this list (or this list of the Best Horror Movies Every Year Since Psycho), laugh off your fear with the best comedy movies Netflix has to offer.
      • Just pick one of the overall best movies that are streaming on Netflix right now.


    3. 20 Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now: Scariest Films Ranked

      • Universal. If you want to find good scary movies on Netflix to watch, the streaming service is a great platform for a meat-cleaving marathon.
      • Related: The 20 Best Documentaries On Netflix Right Now.


    4. The 70 Best Horror Movies on Netflix (Spring 2017) :: Movies :: Lists :: best horror movies on netflix :: Page 1 :: Paste

      • 61. Odd Thomas Year: 2013 Director: Stephen Sommers 2016 was a year we lost numerous Hollywood icons, but the loss of Anton Yelchin is especially bitter, as
      • Go in looking for a scary movie or action romp, and you’ll be disappointed.
      • The 20 Best "B Movies" Streaming on Netflix January 14, 2017.


    5. 20 of the Best Movie and TV Shows Streaming on Netflix for February 2013 (list)

      • So as February quickly comes to an end, make sure to stream some of our top February flicks that are now streaming on Netflix. 20. The Raven.
      • 18. Candyman: The David Klein Story. No it’s not the scary movie…


    6. Top 10 Best Scary Halloween Movies Streaming on Netflix

      • From movies like Scream to Fright Night, you will shriek in fear along with actors like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Hemsworth. Here’s our list of the best scary movies streaming on Netflix to make your Halloween party even scarier.


    7. Too Scary 2 Watch!: 100 Good Horror Movies on Netflix This Month - Part II

      • If you have netflix, and you're always looking for good scary movies to watch, then you might find this post to be a valuable resource! Ghost, Slashers, Zombies, Monsters and more! We're not exactly sure when, and how often netflix updates their movie database for instant streaming.


    8. The Best Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix—For Scaredy Cats - VH1

      • For real, check out these 10 un-scary scary movies. It’s entertainment for the full gang.
      • Netflix places this Sy-Fy gem in the horror category, but that’s a bit of a stretch.
      • It’s cult-like, hilarious and not the least bit terrifying. American Mary (2013).


    9. 23 best horror movies on Netflix: scariest movies to stream - Business Insider

      • Halloween is getting close, so it's time to search though Netflix for some scary movies. There are so many to choose from, so to make the rest of your October movie-watching easier, here are the 23 best horror movies you can stream on Netflix right now.


    10. Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now (June 2017) | moviepilot.com

      • With this list, we will focus on the best scariest horror movies streaming on Netflix.
      • 6. We Are What We Are (2013). Rotten Tomatoes rating: 72%. I could be argued that one thing that separates humans from any other species on the planet is tradition.