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    1. Jaxon Name Meaning & Origin | Baby Name Wizard

      • Meaning of the name Jaxon: Modern coinage based on the name Jackson (son of Jack). Var: Jaxson. Short: Jax.
      • This name is much more popular than you might expect. In 2013 the spelling Jaxon ranked #154; however, the spelling Jackson ranked #32.


    2. Jaxson - Baby Boy Name Meaning and Origin | Oh Baby! Names

      • Jaxson is a newly invented spelling of the more traditional name Jackson. Like “Jaxon” or “Jaxen”, Jaxson is a very modern version of the old surname Jackson; such respellings are distinct to the United States vs. other English speaking nations. Jackson itself is the transferred use of a surname which...


    3. Jackson vs. Jaxon vs. Jaxson : Baby Name Poll Results

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      • Either Jackson or Jaxon. The "s" in Jaxson seems redundant to me. Jax is a fine nn for all three.


    4. Baby boy name...Jackson, Jaxson, or Jaxon? How should we spell it? | Yahoo Answers

      • I prefer the sound of Jaxon, and therefor the spelling. With it's increased popularity I think it's fine. It's well accepted. Jaxson just seems.... weird...
      • I like Jaxon, but if you wanted him to have nickname(s), for Jackson it could be Jack and if it was Jaxon or Jaxson he could be called Jax.


    5. Jackson OR Jaxon OR Jaxson - Baby Names - Essential Baby | Forum

      • The only name that we can agree on the Jackson (jack) OR Jaxon (jax)OR Jaxson! What are your thoughts on the variations. I would really like something not so common, but getting DP to agree is impossible. So any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


    6. Jaxon Zane vs. Jaxson Reign vs. Jaxyn Crewe : Baby Name Poll Results

      • See which of these baby names is most popular and read advice from our baby name enthusiasts.
      • Jaxon Zane Peralta. 100%. Jaxson Reign Peralta. 0%. Jaxyn Crewe Peralta.


    7. 4 MY- Jaxon (Official Music Video) - YouTube

      Official Music video- 4 MY @Jaxonoys buy now itun.es/us/a-FEab Shot & Directed by @ChrisReagann & @dustinstanek.


    8. Future Top Ten Names: Avery, Jaxon, and Hadley - Nameberry - Baby Name Blog

      • Jaxon – In Wisconsin, WEAU reports that Jaxon – this spelling – was the #1 name at Sacred Heart Hospital. Meanwhile, Jaxson is in the Top Ten
      • Do you think any of these names are headed for the US Top Ten? Do you prefer Jackson, Jaxon, or Jaxson? And Madelyn, Madeline, or Madeleine?


    9. Jackson Name Meaning & Origin | Baby Name Wizard

      • Related Names: Jack, Jax, Jaxon, Jaxson, Jaxxon.
      • Very beautiful name for a boy or a girl. Can also be spelt Jaxon or Jaxson. Personal experiences with the name Jackson: | Edit.


    10. Jaxon - Baby Boy Name Meaning and Origin | Oh Baby! Names

      • Jaxon, Jaxen and Jaxson are examples of this trend.
      • Jaxon first appeared on the U.S. popularity charts in 1997 right around the time that Jackson was making big strides on the charts toward the Top 100 list of most commonly used boy names.