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    1. Baby Girl Name to go with JAMES & NOAH

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      • Looking for a classic, vintage, or biblical name to go with her older brothers' names - - which are James (5 years old) & Noah (2 years old).


    2. Girl Names That Start With S | Baby Names

      • S is for Sabrina, Sue, Samatha, Sybil—and hundreds more sophisticated, sassy, and straightforward baby girl names that start with the letter S.
      • As far as names go, Samantha is a fairly new name having been created in the late 18th-century in the southern U.S. It leaped...


    3. Meaning of James - American baby name | Boy or Girl ?

      • The name James is a baby boy name. The name James comes from the English origin.
      • This is a good name. There are lots of different nicknames to change it up. My boyfriend is James Timothy. but he goes by jim james, jimmy, jt. and a few others.


    4. Names that go well with James - Page 2 - BabyCenter

      • Pretty much anything is going to go well with James. Except Jameson... or anything that makes you think of a celebrity (like Jessie), ha. James is a big tradition on my side, we used a name from our shared Irish heritage for a first name and James as a middle name.


    5. Girl Names That Start With J | Baby Names | Scottish: Supplanter; feminine form of James

      • J is for Jade, Jennifer, Julia, and hundreds of other baby girl names that start with the letter J. Find them all at Babble.
      • Who doesn't know a Jennifer, or two, or three? And it's no wonder why. Jennifer reigned supreme on the baby name rankings...


    6. Baby Girl Names With Great Meanings She Can Be Proud Of

      • We love the special meanings to these names for baby girl!
      • While giving your daughter a name that has a nice ring to it is important, it might even be more important to give baby girl a name that has real depth.


    7. Baby Boy Names J - Moms Who Think | Names for Girls

      • Sanskrit: Victory. Old English: A bird. Also used as a nickname for Jacob, James and many names.
      • Crock Pot Recipes. Soup, Salads and Sides. These great soups and side dishes go with everything from elegant holiday meals to a weeknight pot
      • Baby Girl Names A to Z Listing. British Boy Names.


    8. middle names that go with James | Forum

      • Growing up I always wanted to call my baby James. Then I went and married one so he wont let me name any of our babies James I tried telling him that its not uncommon to name a child after the parent but he wont have none of it!


    9. 5 Tips For Finding a Name That Goes With Last Name

      • Many parents are not only searching for a unique or beautiful first name, but they also want it to sound good with their last name. Check out our tips and tricks on finding a baby boy name or baby girl name that goes well with your last name.


    10. 20 Perfect Baby Names For A Little 007 | 20 James

      • James also has good nickname potential— lots of James’ end up going with Jim or Jimmy.
      • 12 René. A French name meaning “reborn,” Rene makes a great baby name for either boys or girls (though it’s typically spelled Renée for a girl).