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    1. Names of the 50 States of the United States

      • (Click on the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of the name; click on the state name to see a web page about the state.) Pronunciation of the Capitals of the 50 States.


    2. List of states and territories of the United States - Wikipedia

      The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, a federal district (Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States), five major territories, and various minor islands. The 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C...


    3. List Of All The 50 States That Make Up The United States Of America | Forum

      • if you notice on the american flag, there are only 50 stars, not 52. these two are not states, they are jurisdictions.
      • I want to be conversant with the number of states that make up united state of America. Tara.


    4. We look at all 50 states of America and learn about about them in these lesson plans.

      • 50 States Of America Lesson Plans. 50 States Printable Series : East North Central States.
      • 50 State Quarters Program- In case you're new to the program, here's how it works: In 1999, the United States Mint began striking a new quarter about every ten weeks to honor one of the 50 states�that...


    5. We provide with volumes of resources, lesson plans, and worksheets on the 50 States of America.

      • Here are some interesting facts about the 50 states of America
      • California turkey breeders raise more turkeys than any other state in the United States of America. Denver, Colorado, is home of the first cheeseburger.


    6. Maps of 50 States of USA, Abbreviations of US State Names

      • About 50 States of US. The United States of America can be found between the countries of Canada and Mexico on the map of the Northern Hemisphere. There are 50 states in all, forty-eight of which are situated within the mainland.


    7. 50 states of America

      • В данной категории 50 states of America будут добавляться Соединённые Штаты Америки с указанием этимологии их названий. 50 штатов США заимствовали свои названия из многих языков.


    8. The Worst 50 States in America

      • America! Who likes it? It's merely a schizophrenic jumble of 50 warring personalities all vying to be number one.
      • The Good: New York recently decided to jump on the glittery gay bandwagon and pass same sex marriage laws, putting it into a (dismayingly) small club of American states.


    9. List of 50 states of United States of America, their capitals, abbreviations and nicknames

      • You collected all the 50 state’s nick name that’s awesome !! For more gk questions about nick names visit importantquestionsabout.blogspot.in/2012/06/general-knowledge-2012-nick-names.html.
      • List of Presidents of the United States of America.


    10. The 50 States Of America If They Were Actually People In A Bar. California Is Perfect.

      • He went to Valdosta State University, and he works in his dad’s local business. Hawaii is alone in a corner of the bar, away from the other states, drinking a cocktail from a coconut. Idaho is drinking Keystone Light and pretending they are part of the South.