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  1. United States Map with Capitals, US States and Capitals Map

    • The US has 50 states, each one has a governmental jurisdiction defined over a geographic territory.
    • About the US Map with Capitals - This clickable map of the 50 states of the US is a colorful depiction of the fourth largest country (after considering both land and water within the boundaries) in the world.


  2. 50 State Capitals Song with U.S. Map - YouTube

    • Learn the capitals of all 50 states with the Social Studs. This educational music video includes a colorful map of the United States of America and the locations of all 50 state capitals. Follow the pin on the map as it travels to capitals such as Albany, New York and Juneau, Alaska.


  3. The U.S.: State Capitals - Map Quiz Game

    • Can you ace this US State capitals quiz? Try it now!
    • What’s the capital of Kentucky, Lexington or Louisville? Trick question, the answer is Frankfort. If that question stumped you, it’s time to study up before that next geography quiz.


  4. USA states and capitals map | Description: This map shows 50 states and their capitals in USA.

    • Go back to see more maps of USA.


  5. A complete list of US state capitals.

    • List of State Capitals. This page lists the state capitals for the 50 US states.


  6. 50 united states map with capital / states with capital map | Etsy

    • Materials: united states with heart, states with capital, PNG, illustrator, photoshop, vector, SVG, EPS. Favorited by: 29 people.


  7. List of States Capitals USA learn 50 states capitals of America

    • List of 50 States and capitals of the USA in alphabetical order with abbreviations. Print free study sheets for tests and exams.
    • Knowing a list of all 50 states and capitals is a good beginning but can you or your students place each state in its location and name its capital city?


  8. Map of the United States and the state capitals.

    • US Map and State Capitals.


  9. Alphabetical List Of 50 States

    • This site lists the 50 states in the US and facts about each state. Key state data, such as population and state abbreviation, is also shown.
    • State Abbreviation: The two-letter abbreviation for each state. State Capital: The capital city of the state.


  10. The U.S.: 50 States - Map Quiz Game

    • Do you know your 50 states? Play this fun US states game to find out - just click the blank map to answer the questions!
    • With 50 states in total, there are a lot of geography facts to learn about the United States. This map quiz game is here to help.