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    1. 50 States in Alphabetical Order

      • Information on state abbreviations, flags, capitals, capitol buildings, and original territories. Includes a printer friendly version of the 50 states in alphabetical
      • There are 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.


    2. Alphabetical List Of 50 States

      • This site lists the 50 states in the US and facts about each state. Key state data, such as population and state abbreviation, is also shown.
      • List top family-friendly points of interest of the state based on the number of times people search for them. If you are traveling to this state and want to know...


    3. List of 50 States and Capitals in Alphabetical order with Abbreviations

      • Knowing a list of all 50 states and capitals is a good beginning but can you or your students place each state in its location and name its capital
      • TV or reading is more interesting and educational if you can place all the 50 American states correctly. Grasp the USA enables you to visualize all the...


    4. List of states and territories of the United States - Wikipedia

      The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, a federal district (Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States), five major territories, and various minor islands.


    5. State Abbreviations for the United States of America

      • USA State Abbreviations and State Capitals. The United States is comprised of fifty states and a national capital district, as well as a number of
      • StateAbbreviations.us features a table of U.S. States, Districts, Territories, and Possessions, along with their standard and postal service abbreviations...


    6. 50 States and Capitals in Alphabetical Order | LoveToKnow

      • Worksheets and Printables. 50 States and Capitals in Alphabetical Order.
      • List of all 50 States Abbreviations.
      • In addition to the obvious, (studying for a state capitals test) a printable list of the 50 states and their capitals can come in handy for other things as well.


    7. List of All 50 State Abbreviations

      • A list of the U.S. state abbreviations is helpful when addressing letters to be mailed.
      • Illinois - IL. Indiana - IN.
      • Although email has made the task of communicating with friends and family much easier, there are still many occasions where you will need to send a letter the old-fashioned way.


    8. 50 states of america in alphabetical order with capitals and abbreviations

      • List of 50 States and capitals of the USA in alphabetical order with abbreviations. Free study sheets for tests and exams. Learn to know America and its geography.


    9. 50 States in Alphabetical Order w/ Capitals & Abbreviations

      • Looking for the list of 50 states in alphabetical order? Here are the 50 US states and their state capitals and abbreviations. This list of 50 states are arrange alphabetically. You can use this page as your reference in education or research.


    10. 50states.com - States and Capitals

      • States and Capitals. Click the state you're interested in below for quick access to a variety of state specific facts and
      • Hover over the state in order to see its abbreviation and capital city.
      • Test your state knowledge with on of our exciting new quizzes. To get started, simply click on an image below.