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    5. 2 12's or 1 15? - Subwoofers / Enclosures - SMD Forum

      • im gunna be re-doing my system and i was curious what would sound better, 2 12's or 1 15 ported to 35 hertz.


    6. A0 for eg 0.66π if 0.66 not seen separately

      • condone one sign error or constant term of – 1 (in LH version) or + 1 (in RH version). M1 dependent on award of previous method mark, must be correct for their quadratic. ignore other values (eg −3.79...); condone recovery from x = 0.791287847…but M0 if no recovery. A1 A0 for eg 0.66π if...


    7. technotalkative.com/page/13


    8. List of NOC skills level 0, A and B ?? | Canada Immigration Forum

      • I want to apply under the CEC class after I have 1 year work exp. At this time I have 6 months exp as Assistant Manager - retail. I am currently looking for work and am wondering if there is any noc list available for skill levels 0, A, B?


    9. Practice Lesson 3 Understand Rational and Irrational Numbers

      • M 3 Find Ï·1·0· to the nearest hundredth Explain how you. found your answer Possible answer: I knew it was between Ï·9· and Ï·1·6·, or 3 and 4, but closer to 3. Then I found that it was between 3.1 and 3.2.


    10. Developmental Math Topic Text

      • The lines intersect at 1.4, so 1.4 million (or 1,400,000) would be a.